What is Move Devil Move?

Move Devil Move is the 2020 version of Run Devil Run. Due to COVID -19
instead of a one-day running event at the school we're going online for
a virtual 5-day event, November 10 - 15th. This 5-day Move Devil Move
virtual event is about more than just running, it's about students
showcasing their favorite ways to get out and exercise. 

The Goal of Move Devil Move

The goal of the FUNdraiser is still the same: raise money for the school
while promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle. Just like Run Devil Run,
Move Devil Move is staffed by volunteers therefore 100% of the money
raised goes back to the classrooms to purchase supplies for teachers and students. Click here to view some of the supplies purchased in the past.

How Does it Work?

Donations: Start October 30th and go through November 15th.

  • Online donations can be collected using Donately Students and parents
    can customize this Move Devil Move fundraising page and share it via
    email and on social media to collect pledges. Donations will be taken
    starting October 30th - November 15th.


  • Online donations can also be collected with the direct link


  • In-person donations - We encourage online donations but if you’d like to
    donate in-person students can put the donations in an envelope or a
    baggie, put your name and teachers name on it AND give it to your
    teacher or K-6 give to Mrs. Urban, Spark 7-8 - give to Mrs. Kelly, High
    School give to front office. Donations will be taken starting
    October 30th - November 15th.


The Move Devil Move Virtual Event:

  • The actual Move Devil Move virtual event will take place November 10 - 15th when students will be urged to capture photos or videos of their favorite ways to move and share online through the PTSO’s Facebook and Instagram pages or if you would rather submit in private you can upload to the PTSO Website.

  • Students can run, walk, skip, jump, dance, hula hoop, play soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, ride bikes, scooters, jump on the trampoline, etc. 

Pledge Donation and Submission Prizes:
We want to make sure the students have fun with Move Devil Move while they're collecting donations and showcasing their favorite ways to move. The PTSO will be giving out prizes for timely donations, donations that reach different levels, top donation earners and for submitting photos and videos online. Below is a list of some of the incentives and prizes.

MVD2020 prize flyer_jpeg.001.jpeg

Getting Started:

  • October 30 - November 16th Pledge donations can be taken online or in person to student teachers. Direct link for online donations can be found here >  or you can customize a Move Devil Move fundraising page to share with friends and family using Donately here >

  • November 10th  Virtual Move Devil Move event begins … submit photos or images of ASU Prep students showcasing their favorite moves. IE. Hula hoop, football, dance, cheer, swimming, trampoline, etc. on Facebook, Instagram or the PTSO Website.  Use #MoveDevilMove20

  • November 10 - 15th Keep moving and keep submitting your photos and videos. Daily prize winners will be randomly drawn from the submissions. Use #MoveDevilMove20