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Run Devil Run


(Check back In October for updates)

What is Run Devil Run?

Run Devil Run is the school’s largest FUNdrasier! Students work to get

pledges throughout the week, ending with a fun run.  ASU Prep Poly has

your child’s safety as their number one priority.  Due to COVID-19, the

students will participate in a fun run, but one with health and safety at

hand. Volunteer opportunities are available this year, so be on the

lookout for a signup genius!

The Goal of Run Devil Run

The goal of the FUNdrasier is still the same: raise money for the school

while promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle.  Run Devil Run is staffed by

PTSO, therefore 100% of the money raised goes back to the classrooms to purchase supplies for teachers and students.

How Does it Work?

Donations: Start November 1st and go through November 13th.

  • Online donations MAKING A FUNDRAISING PAGE

  •  can be collected using Donately Students and parents
    can customize this Run Devil Run fundraising page and share it via
    email and on social media to collect pledges. Donations will be taken
    starting November 1st - November 13th.

  • Online donations can also be collected with the direct link

  • In-person donations - We encourage online donations, but if you would like
    to donate in-person, students can deliver them to their teacher.  Please
    place donations in a baggie or envelope and label with the student's name,
    teacher's name, and amount.  Donations will be taken starting 
    November 1st - November 13th.


Pledge Donation and Submission Prizes:


We want to make sure the students have fun with Run Devil Run while they’re collecting pledges! The PTSO will be giving out prizes for different levels of pledges. Below is a list of some of the incentives and prizes!

RDR 10.jpg
RDR Shirt Final 2022.jpg
RDR Incentives 2022.png
Getting Started:

Starting in November Pledges can be taken online or in-person to students’ teachers.  Direct link for online donations can be found here >  or you can customize a Run Devil Run fundraising page to share with friends and family using Donately here >


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